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Hybrid Sorting's Very Own Huffledor House
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Hybrid Elite's Huffledor House

About the House

You may belong in Huffledor, Where dwell the brave of heart, Their justice, truth, and loyalty Set Huffledor apart.

We in Huffledor are blessed with the loyalty and hard work that is known to come from the Hufflepuff house. We couple our peace maker personalities with the fierceness of a lion. Just like those from the Gryffindor house, we can be brave and brash. We are often seen as friendly and nurturing souls. As the excerpt from the Hybrid Elite Sorting Hat Song says, we believe in justice, truth and loyalty above all else.

About the Head of House

My name is Amanda, but please call me Mandy. I was the first individual to submit my application to Hybrid Elite. Other than the Headmistress herself, I was also the first member. I have been serving as Huffledor Head of House since I was stamped on October 1, 2006. When I began as the Huffledor Head of House I was a stay-at-home mom with too much time on my hands. Now that Hybrid Elite is getting back on its feet, I am in management at McDonald's. I am also the Sorting Headmistress. I will be taking care of posting applications and stamping those applications. I am very active and I hope those that join Hybrid Elite will fulfill the expectations listed through the many links here.

I encourage all members of my house and others to contact me at anytime for any reason. I use AIM: mollywobblez7, YIM: moron62639 and email: moron62639@yahoo.com. If you're not already a member of Hybrid Elite, get over to hybrid_sorting and put in your application today! We'd love to have you!

Introduce Yourself

Here is a simple copy and paste introductory post. Please be sure to fill this out so we can get to know you better.

Taking a Break? Leaving? Let us Know.

Need a break? Fill this out and post to the common room.

Coming back from you hiatus, let us all know by filling this out and posting to the common room.

Leaving the community? Well, we hate to see you go, but I'd appreciate you letting us know. Fill this out and post to the common room.

Community Links

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